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Payment Printer Reviews

Payment Printer Review
Corey H., Alaska

Our business grew 3% instantly. Payment Printer is the best way to accept payments.

Rent Payment Review
Chantele P., Boston

I love Payment Printer. Best way to collect rent payments online. 

Rental Payment Review
Ashley B., Arizona

Best way to accept recurring payments is Billing customers used to exhaust several days to chase down payments. Now, we print customers due check drafts on time instantly. We gained new sales days with our free time.

Pam, Rhode Island

We searched how to accept payment for medical billing collections in a doctors office. Payment Printer solved all problems in one day. We love Thank you.

Rent Payment System
Nyisha H., Florida

Now I just print my customer's due checks myself on time. No credit card machine type costs. No more stress. Instead of spending time chasing payments I now spend that time building more sales. I make more money now.

Best way to accept payments

Accept payments by phone

Easily accept check payments by phone with Payment Printer.

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Government and corporate offices take payment with Payment Printer.

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Easily accept payment by fax with Payment Printer.

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Accept payment in person

Get the deal done! Use Payment Printer to accept payments.

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